About Us
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Mid-Pacific Wheels LLC is a family business that began in Hilo in 1979.  Hence we are the longest running bicycle shop on the Big Island!  We started out with the business after attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo and commuting by bike to school every day.  We felt that we could contribute to the quality of cycling by starting a shop where everyone felt welcome and could get excited about riding. 

As the shop grew, we got involved in putting on a number of local, national and international bicycle races held in Hawaii.  Along with that,  we also started a youth BMX club and BMX races.  We are proud to know that we have served  multi-generations of families.  We are now seeing the grandchildren of our original customers coming to our shop!  This is our island community with all of our friends and family and visitors.  We value our community and feel a commitment to it's future.  We hope you will join us!

Mid Pacific Wheels LLC
1133 Manono Street #C • Hilo, Hawaii 96720